We help employers and their employees frustrated at the costly and complex health care and health insurance industries. We strive to deliver the secrets of an industry, help employers better assist their employees, and lower costs while improving outcomes.

Overview of Solution Guide

Healthcare costs can be controlled. There are a wide variety of cost containment programs that employees can use. This brochure list the major types of cost containment programs to support you in creating a multi-year benefits strategy. It also describes each program to provide greater clarity and insights. So go through and decide what options you might be interested in learning more about.

About The Author – Robson Baker

Robson is a student of health insurance. His passion for learning led him down a path of discovery – a Master’s in Health Benefit Design, a Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist, an Advanced-Self Funding Certification, and becoming a Health Rosetta Charter Advisor. He enjoys giving back to others who want to learn through speaking engagements and Executive Roundtables.