Robson Baker is a passionate advisor on a mission to help employers improve their employee benefits.  Upon entering the industry, he recognized early on that there was an immediate need to challenge the status quo.  Robson strives to help educate health plan decision-makers on building better health plans and assisting companies to inform their employees on navigating the costly and complex health care and health insurance industry.

About Robson

Robson is a student of health insurance. His passion for learning led him down a path of discovery – a Master’s in Health Benefit Design, a Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist, an Advanced-Self Funding Certification, and becoming a Health Rosetta Charter Advisor. He enjoys giving back to others who want to learn through speaking engagements and Executive Roundtables.

He understands that health insurance is costly and confusing for businesses and their employees. Being trapped in a health plan that nobody at the company likes is not ok.

Robson aligns his mission with the ethos of Insgroup, an independent Texas Insurance Agency. He is working with his team to bring transparent benefit plans to companies that recognize change is necessary for an industry over-compensated for mediocrity!

Growing up on Galveston Island, Texas, and almost a decade around Southeastern Alaska’s adventurous shores, Robson found his love of being a waterman, sailor, hunter, fisherman, and builder of things. The loves of his life, Robyn and their little girl Ella Ruth keep him busy when not cheering for his alma mater, The University of Texas.

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