Content and Collateral

Looking for collateral or content to send to a prospect or client?  Look no further! 

You can find everything you need in the content hub >>>

If you missed the content hub trainings or would like a refresher, watch training videos here.

*You need to be logged in to your account to view the training videos*

**Our services team will soon be able to use the tool as well, more to come soon**

Content Hub Best Practices


  • Clone an existing collection as a starting point
  • Ensure copy in the collection header is visible – add an overlay in “edit banner”
  • Create a collection of frequently used documents not already in the content hub to eliminate duplication and streamline efforts
  • Always add documents to collections from the existing stream in the content hub vs uploading it again
  • Create sections of content when there are more than 8 – 10 assets in a collection
  • Create a standard bio page (using new Baldwin Group templates) that can be added to the existing assets to customize them
  • Utilize the banner to customize a message to the client or prospect vs re-creating a collection you already want to use
  • Always preview collections before sharing them to ensure the end-user sees the information you want them to see, in the correct format
  • Don’t forget to save changes that you’ve made
  • If your collections are getting good traction, share your success stories and tips



  • Update the cover image if the automated one isn’t visually appealing – consider using our standard thumbnails for website, video, case study, and webinar
  • Add tags – be specific vs more generalized for better search results
  • Assign appropriate categories for business line, COE/IPG, and industry as applicable

Content Hub Stats

The Baldwin Group Rebrand


A couple of important reminders:

  • Now is the time to be communicating with clients – see the brand toolkit for the email template.
  • Email Migration to will be July 12 for K&S and July 16 for Insgroup.
  • As of July 17, you can update your LinkedIn account. Please see the brand toolkit for instructions on how to do that.
  • Timeline info below:

All information regarding The Baldwin Group Brand can be found on the Spot page linked below, along with other resources such as the new website and brand toolkit.

Your Marketing Team

Cayman Loader & Amy Trench are your marketing contacts for the region. Please contact us for any of your upcoming marketing needs including events, gifts, eblasts, content and collateral. Happy Selling!!!