Insgroup has developed cyber coverage you can bind today in just a few clicks. As a leader in insurance and technology, Insgroup leverages big data and industry-specific knowledge to limit the amount of information we need from you in order to quote.


    The policy limit is 12 months.

    Account Details

    Prior Fiscal Year Global Revenue
    % Domestic Revenue

    Projected Next Fiscal Revenues(Optional)

    Do you know the number of protected records?
    Number of Protected Records
    Sensitive records at risk in the event of a cyber incident.

    Does your company currently or will the your company potentially operate as any of the following?

    • Accreditation Service Provider
    • Adult Content Provider
    • Credit Bureau
    • Cryptocurrency Exchange
    • Data Aggregator/Broker/Warehouse
    • Direct Marketer
    • Gambling
    • Manufacturer of Life Safety Products/Software
    • Media Production
    • Payment Processor
    • Peer to Peer File Sharing
    • Social Media
    • Surveillance
    • Third Party Claims Administrator
    Or does your company derive more than 50% of its revenue from technology products and services(e.g software, electronics, telecom)?

    Loss history

    Within the past 3 years, has your company had any actual or potential professional, E&O, media, or cyber incidents or claims?
    Or is your company aware of any notices, suits, facts or circumstances that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a professional , E&O, media, or cyber incident or claim?

    Underwriting Questions

    Does your company accept payment card(credit or debit card) transactions?
    Does your company deal with protected health information as defined be HIPPA?
    Which of the following IT security controls does your company have in place?

    Antivirus and Firewalls
    Encryption of sensitive data
    Encryption of Mobile Computing Devices
    Critical Software Patching Procedures
    Critical Data backup and Recovery
    Formal Cyber Incident Response Plan
    Are there any scheduled providers to add for Contingent Business Income?

    Coverage Level Questions

    Does your company intend to purchase E&O and/or media coverage on a separate and distinct policy? (e.g. with a separate set of limits, or with another carrier?)
    Has your company obtained legal review of its use of trademarks, including domain names?