Hurricane Laura is strengthening with rapid intensification along the Gulf Coast.  Insgroup is ready to support you!

As of 9 a.m. this morning, the National Weather Service had issued the following alert: Hurricane Laura is moving over the central and northwestern Gulf of Mexico, and is expected to approach the Texas and Southwest Louisiana coasts by Wednesday night with impacts including life-threatening storm surge, hurricane-force winds, torrential rainfall, and inland flooding.

As your partner in Risk Management, we have provided some tips on securing your home and business in an effort to minimize damage.

Preparing Your Home:

  • If you have a generator, make sure that it is fueled up and that its permanent fuel supply line is unobstructed. Test the generator before the storm hits to ensure it’s working properly.
  • Clear drains, gutters and downspouts that may be obstructed by leaves or other debris.
  • Valuables and collections should be secured using the emergency response plan made to protect them. If you do not have a specific plan, secure your valuables in a safe location elevated off the ground or to a higher level of the home. 
  • Important files and paperwork should be secured in a fireproof and waterproof safe.
  • Outdoor furniture and other belongings that could be swept up by wind should be brought inside. This includes any lightweight outdoor sculptures. 
  • Watercraft should be properly secured. If you are required to follow an emergency response plan for your vessel, implement the plan now. Your policy may include coverage for reasonable expenses incurred when moving your vessel to a safe location prior to the threat of a covered peril. If you are unsure, contact your Risk Advisor.

Preparing Your Business:

  • Cover large windows and glass doors with plywood, and brace inward-opening exterior doors and roll-down doors on the inside. Place sandbags outside doors if possible.
  • Help protect smaller windows from wind gusts and flying debris by applying waterproof tape in a criss-cross pattern.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment and cover with heavy plastic and secure as necessary.
  • Place all paperwork and paper files in a secure location above ground level to
    avoid water damage. Any loose items on desks should be placed in drawers.
  • Secure all loose outside items that can’t be removed with rope or chains (tables, trash cans, dumpsters, signs and awnings). 
  • Strongly anchor any portable storage buildings.
  • If your building’s roof is a composition roof with a gravel covering, remove loose gravel
    to minimize damage from flying stones being blown off the roof.
  • Ensure rooftop equipment such as exhaust fans, wind turbines and air conditioning units are securely fastened to the roof deck.

The Insgroup Claims team is prepared to assist you with the reporting of your claim and advocate on your behalf, if you do suffer a loss. Please send any storm-related claims to our Claims reporting email address:

Contacting us by the email address above is the quickest and most efficient way to report your claim to Insgroup. Even though the potential is there for a high volume of claims, we are well prepared and your claim will be assigned promptly so an advocate can be in touch with you as quickly as possible

If you have property coverage needs, please contact us right away at (713) 541-7272.

Please be safe and use caution. We are here to assist as needed!