Buying a yacht or other luxury watercraft is a big investment, and one that needs to be properly insured should the worst happen. In the event of an accident or other unfortunate event that results in damage or loss, having the right insurance provider can make all the difference. The team at Insgroup provide our clients with comprehensive coverage solutions so that you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is safe. Click below to learn more about how we can help you with yacht or other maritime insurance!

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Comprehensive Solutions Unique as Your Business

Through our INSIGHT+ process, we engage with you to ensure we understand your lifestyle, challenges, and tolerance for risk. We will then leverage our relationships with the world’s premier insurance companies to negotiate a customized solution designed specifically for your needs.

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Learn more about how we can help you protect your luxury watercraft with our streamlined coverage solutions.

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Claims Advocacy

Should your yacht or luxury watercraft be damaged, stolen or destroyed, our in-house Private Client claims team will respond with urgency and empathy. We will work with you and on your behalf to ensure that your vessel is appropriately valued, and that coverages and deductibles are applied appropriately.

Cost Control

Act as your advocate to control all costs through prompt intervention in the event of loss or damage to your watercraft.


Work closely with you and deploy tools and expertise to assist with claims and coverage analysis.


We utilize our combined expertise in brokerage, actuarial analysis, and long-term planning to provide practical advice that can be relied upon when making critical decisions.

What We Do

Be your advocate when claims occur by proactively supporting and aggressively resolving settlements.

Value Added Services
Value Added Services
Comprehensive coverage solutions for all luxury watercraft & a dedicated team of professionals to help you with any claims or questions.
Luxury Watercraft Coverage for Clients Throughout Texas

Our team supports, manages, and guides you through every stage of developing and maintaining your vessels insurance plan. We ensure that you get the coverage you and your family need, while minimizing your premium. Click below to get in touch with our team today.

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