We insure success for organizations and individuals through our innovative Risk Map process. It all starts with a thorough discovery process to determine exposures and culminates in the delivery of a cost-effective program.

Commercial Solutions

Successful business owners rely on Insgroup’s Risk Map process for risk management, allowing them to focus on business growth, reduced costs and improved profits.

Benefits Solutions

Insgroup’s Risk Map approach to maximizing benefits while minimizing employer costs helps companies attract and retain top talent.

Personal Solutions

Successful individuals depend on advisors who comprehend their lifestyle, risks, and unique risk tolerance for wealth preservation.

We’re Confident, Passionate, and Creative.

As a top 100 broker and one of Texas’s most trusted insurance brokers, we excel in providing sophisticated solutions. Our ideal positioning allows us to offer superior customization, insight, and personalized attention to our clients. We are passionate about instilling the peace of mind our clients need to confidently pursue their future.

Our Approach

Through our Risk Map, we achieve success for organizations and individuals by initiating a comprehensive discovery process to evaluate exposures and ultimately delivering cost-efficient risk-management programs.

Our Expertise

Our firm, renowned in various industries and grounded in extensive business operation experience, excels specifically in risk management, strong insurance programs, and the creation of dedicated resources for specific industries.

We Literally Think Differently.

Unless you’ve interacted with us, you might not guess that we’re a tight-knit group of left-brain AND right-brain insurance and risk advisory professionals. We are as analytical and detailed as we are creative, and we like it this way. In fact, we are intent on keeping it this way.