Our in-house team of Claims Advocates and Risk Control work closely together to mitigate risk and respond with urgency in the event of an unfortunate loss. Clients depend on us to listen intently while gathering the initial details for filing a claim, and they can rely on us to be personally involved until there is a final settlement or resolution.

Client Advocacy

Should a loss occur, our experts advocate on the client’s behalf
and guide them throughout the claims process.
The Insgroup Claims Advocates and Risk Control Consultants will mitigate, advise,
resolve, and everything in between.

Reporting Claims

Work closely with clients to gather important details while responding with empathy.

Ongoing Support

Advocate at all levels within carrier organizations and provide local

Relentless Advocacy

Continuously monitor each step of the process and leave no stone left unturned.

Tools & Expertise

Deploy best in class risk management tools and technologies through industry-recognized experts.

Managing Risk

We empower organizations with the technology needed to manage and even prevent risk. Through our web-based Risk Management Center, companies have access to the tools needed through ten, well-organized tracks.

COI Track
Manage the Certificate of Insurance(COI) process and ensure your business is protected form unexpected liability.
BBS Track
Cultivate a safety culture throughout your organize with a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Program. Ensure your employees are doing their jobs safely.
HR Essentials
Achieve HR compliance, enabled through online educational materials, and HR & Benefits library, and access to on-demand experts.
Safety Observation Track
Perform and track safety observations and demonstrate job compliance.
Incident Track
Report claims and reduce incidents. Track employee injuries and related time off of work, conduct incident analyses, and run OSHA 300 Logs.
Job Description Track
Build job descriptions that clearly communicate employee responsibilities and job-related health and safety requirements.
SDS Track
Organize Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to comply with the new Globally harmonized System.
Training Track
Automate you entire employee training process. Schedule, track, and document training with a database of training titles.
Audit Track
Create audit, surveys, questionnaires, and self-assessments.
Online Risk Management Library
Automate you entire employee training process. Schedule, track, and document training with a database of training titles.

Our Success Stories
Hail Loss
Hail Loss
When a multi-family client suffered a multi-million dollar hail loss to one of their locations, there was a significant amount of recoverable depreciation held-back by the insurance carriers. The client completed the required work and needed the depreciation to pay the monies owed to the contractors, which the insurance carrier’s required for reimbursement. The Insgroup Claims Advocate worked with the client and the carriers to get the hold-back paid in record time, allowing our client to meet their obligations and resolve their loss.
Heavy Claims
Heavy Claims
A longtime client was facing the possibility of an apartment complex being uninsurable due to multiple assault and battery claims over a two-year period. We partnered with our client to come up with a strategy to clean up the complex. In the two years following, the complex only had three claims totaling about $3,400. They were able to keep the complex on its master property and liability program at competitive rates.