Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Insgroup is proud to partner with cyber experts to understand how cyber insurance fits into your cyber security program. Check out our series of various industry experts participating in our Q&A. 

Table of Contents

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 1: The Underwriter Perspective

Our partner,  Shannon Groeber, CEO of CFC Underwriting, weighs in on our series in part one: The Underwriter PerspectiveThis informative Q&A provides an insider perspective into how cyber insurance can be the investment your organization needs to stay safe in the digital world. Read the Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 2: Incident Response

What’s the role of an incident responder during a cyber event? Our expert, David Kruse of Arctic Wolf Incident Response, weighs in. This exclusive Q&A provides insight into new threat actor tactics, effective cyber defense, and the value of cyber insurance for your organization. Read our Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 3: Regulatory

The cyber landscape may change quickly, but regulators are starting to catch up. Attorney and data breach coach, Sarah Sargent at Godfrey & Kahn Law, offers her expertise. This informative Q&A highlights regulatory changes, incident response plans, and the importance of containment in the event of a cyber incident. Read our Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 4: Emerging Threats

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Booz Allen Hamilton, Clay Blankenship, explains why in this exclusive Q&A. Learn myths surrounding threat actors, as well as how to prepare for an incident and implement controls to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity in any digital climate. Read our Q&A with Clay.

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