Are your Employee Benefits decisions driven by data and monitored through robust analytics?

Clients working with Insgroup receive a business approach for managing health plan design. Through our technology platform, clients have access to the data analytics necessary for improving the financial health of the company and the wellness of its employees.

A powerful facet of our technology is the ability to generate reports against actual claims data as soon as it becomes available. This gives Finance and Human Resources teams the ability to monitor the progress of health care objectives while managing the costs of health plans – just as you would any other aspect of your budget.

Without access to ongoing analytics, companies are challenged to mitigate claims expenditures and target cost savings in a timely manner. It is also more difficult to increase wellness within the workforce.

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An Analytics Success Story

The ability to utilize plan modeling calculators with flexible filters provided our client with the data needed to analyze a specific population within their health plan.

By reviewing various models based on changing the plan’s deductible, the co-insurance percentage, and the out-of-pocket amounts, the company could see what the financial and personnel impacts would be (both positive and negative).

With this functionality, the client was able to pinpoint pharmaceutical plan designs with precision, and ultimately determine which health plan would be most beneficial to employees while containing costs to the organization.

The Insights You Deserve

Insgroup’s clients gain access to the tools needed by successful organizations for making informed benefits decisions. These tools are organized into four components:

Data Analytics & Reporting

With access to dynamic, graphical dashboards and an array of reporting capabilities, clients have the ability to use data filters to gain insight at the member level and even drill down to specific conditions. Because of the rich analytics, it’s easier to evaluate employee/member compliance levels while viewing costs and condition factors that affect your overall health plan.

Plan Modeling

The plan modeling tools provide comparative analyses on hypothetical plan strategies using actual claims data. This enables the ability to forecast potential savings, predict changes in a proposed plan, and calculate the possible value of various wellness initiatives. By simulating plan modifications, you have the power to improve population health while decreasing costs.

Performance Tracking & Monitoring

Our system continuously measures user-defined data, providing monthly alerts on cost, compliance and enrollment activity. With ongoing visibility into performance metrics, clients keep an eye on important cost and compliance factors while there’s time to make adjustments.

Actuarial Analysis, Claims Reviews, & Funding Feasiblity Analysis

Together, these predict and help reduce the cost of your Employee Benefits, while also setting proper stop loss retentions when applicable. We can offer these services any time during the policy year without going to market.

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