Unpacking Common Insurance Pain Points

Sonny Covington, Insgroup Vice President, has seen and heard a lot during the past 24 years while working within the insurance industry. He sits down with us to unpack what he sees as the most common pain point organizations face, with regards to insurance coverage today. 

Overwhelmingly, the challenge mentioned most often by prospective clients is the desire to simplify their insurance as a whole.  

Having multiple expiration dates, multiple carriers, and multiple agents, means managing insurance is a never ending process that can last all year long. It also provides opportunities for gaps in coverage because policies are changing and two competing agents probably aren’t communicating the impacts to the other policies. 

With one advisor managing all policies, he or she can look at the business holistically to provide a strategic solution and communicate any policy changes as they occur with an awareness of impacts to other policies. A single contact can also coordinate the expiration dates so that the focus on insurance is only required once a year during the renewal timeframe. 

Sonny’s experience spans across multiple practice lines – Commercial Risk Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Personal Risk Insurance – which provides clients who need the complete package to protect their business and personal wealth through the most simplified method possible.  

This and much more was discussed during our first ever webisode entitled “Ask The Advisor”.

Questions? Reach out to Sonny Covington directly to learn how Insgroup can support your insurance needs:

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