Ask The Advisor, Episode 2 – Hospitality

Greg Scheinman, Insgroup Shareholder, and Senior Vice President sits down with the host of Insgroup’s Ask the Advisor web series, Rebecca Bowman to discuss how to build relationships with your clients and ensure that you bring them value-driven solutions. This episode takes place at one of Greg’s client’s locations, Dish Society, along with a generous cup of really good coffee and the promise of a delicious lunch. 

Greg’s experience from risk-taker as an entrepreneur himself for two decades to risk advisor in his role at Insgroup allows him to work with clients from the perspective of knowing that starting a business and protecting it is like growing a family and keeping it safe.

The businesses that Greg insures often times are highly creative marketing pros that care deeply about how they are perceived in local and national markets. This adds an interesting layer to how insurance feeds into their success. Understanding your client and how they operate is a vital piece of determining how to insure them correctly. So let’s dive into several key things Greg looks at when supporting them.

Risks and Exposures
Businesses in the hospitality and entertainment space have a different level of risk than many companies. Everything from the food served to having high foot traffic and the overall fast-paced nature of the business can cause for a unique set of exposures. This is why Greg makes a point to visit the businesses in person and get a better feel for how they operate on a daily basis. Awareness when it comes to risk and exposures is the seed for determining how to mitigate and prevent issues in the future.

Hands-on Relationship

Greg makes an effort to help each client be better consumers of insurance products. This means instead of leading with a sales pitch, he tries to sit on the same side of the table to help them understand exactly what they need and why. When a business understands what is driving their rates and overall cost, strategic changes can be made to help reduce the overall risk and spend. 

Best of the Best

When making insurance decisions, businesses often go with what feels the most comfortable with regards to cost but doesn’t necessarily provide what they need. However, Insgroup looks at all the data available through the hands-on INSIGHT+ approach and presents a strategic plan in return. Most clients say it gives them the information they need to be in the driver’s seat of the decision-making process and provides a new level of comfort they didn’t know existed while selecting insurance coverage. 

This year has brought a lot of change for businesses and selecting insurance, but Greg’s approach to rooting the relationship in honesty, advocacy, and value remains the same.

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