COVID-19 Workplace Guidance Update

The President’s administration recently gave an update that pointed to a highly active way to protect employees from the effects of Covid-19. The update from OSHA aims to support employees from all walks of life, not just individuals with pre-existing conditions or employees in high contact environments (such as hospitals).

Most of the guidelines and best practices that were released earlier this month are similar to those administered last year, which included, face coverings, social distancing, and low volume of foot traffic in the workplace. Note, that these are not enforced by OSHA, but best-practices to mitigate the high transfer of the virus.

According to a Senior Advisor at OSHA, They also want to lean on the workforce to help secure healthy workplace environments due to the fact that employees understand the work/safety balance the best for their surroundings.

Along with the implementation of health guidelines, the President’s administration is looking into possible federal emergency policies in which workforce advocates have been trying to enact. If this were to happen, there would be more of a legal backing to some of the guidelines for safe workplaces. In January, President Biden signed an Executive Order giving OSHA until March 15th to determine what standards will be issued.

Earlier this month, OSHA also announced that it will resume announcing business’ unsafe work conditions to the public, holding each workplace to a higher standard of safety and awareness.

As more information is released, Insgroup is dedicated to providing updates to its colleagues and clients to help heightened preparedness for these uncertain times.

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