3 Reasons Why Insurance Makes a Great Career

Career Opportunity

When thinking about a career path, most young individuals don’t have aspirations and dreams of becoming an insurance broker. But, why not? Not only is insurance one of the most recession-proof industries in the world, but It also provides rewarding work that demands expertise, proficiency, and overall skill.

The insurance space renders unlimited opportunities for growth and education; With the added satisfaction of helping individuals with their businesses. That being said, it’s somewhat ironic that an industry that is really good at presenting value to its clients (benefits, property, personal), has never been very good at showing upfront value to its prospective employees. 

Here are three major benefits to being a colleague in the insurance space:

You can use your talents

When people consider insurance careers, they might often just think about selling. While brokers and salespeople are definitely a crucial part of the industry, there are more positions that are not traditional sales jobs. 

Do you have a passion for business? You may excel at underwriting, finance or support. Are you a Digital guru? Technology is transforming insurance and we need talented people to propel us into the future. Maybe you enjoy solving a problem, and even have a law enforcement background? Working in the claims or fraud department could be the perfect fit. There are also jobs involving marketing, administration, human resources, and more. The sky is really the limit. 

Continuous learning and improvement

No matter your role or position at an insurance company, it will absolutely involve constantly learning and growing. Whether it’s a new kind of risk facing your customers, a product you develop to fill a new market need, or new technology that will make what you do even more valuable, this is an industry that is progressive and innovative. Insurance companies offer robust training programs that allow employees to develop their knowledge and skills.

Many view the insurance industry as being slow to change but, the truth is we are always growing to meet the needs of the market and stay ahead of their competitors. That constant push makes insurance careers challenging and satisfying. 

Though the industry is dynamic and constantly adjusting in an ever-changing market – insurance is a stable industry that’s here to stay. 

Insuring Success for others

Life is full of risks, and that’s why we need insurance. Insurance was created to protect people and businesses from suffering financial harm due to an unexpected event. Whether it’s a fire to your home, damage to your family vehicle, or a contractor who can’t finish a job — there’s a type of insurance to help soften the blow. 

Working in insurance means we give people a sense of peace, and also serve as their support system during some very difficult times. It’s an honor to be able to help in this way.

Even if your role is not client-facing, every colleague on the team contributes to this overall mission — to help and protect people and businesses. 

Insurance isn’t boring or stuff. The industry is actually thriving with innovation, pursuing new technologies, and pushing boundaries. It always needs talented people in order to keep moving forward. There is a place for everyone, and we hope more will consider it a challenging and rewarding career choice. 

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