2022 Hurricane Preparedness Guide For Your Business

Hurricane season is upon us, and it is imperative you take the proper steps to protect your business.

As your partner in Risk Management, Insgroup is here to assist you throughout all seasons.

Below is our comprehensive guide on all things hurricane preparation. Please take a moment to read through our tips on how to secure your business in an effort to minimize damage.


If you do suffer a loss, the Insgroup Claims team is prepared to assist you with the reporting of your claim and advocate on your behalf. Please send any storm-related claims to our Claims reporting email address: Claims@insgroup.net.

If you have property coverage needs, please contact us right away at (713) 541-7272 to secure coverage before any binding moratoriums.

Please be safe this hurricane season!

Additional Resources:

National Weather Service: https://www.weather.gov/hgx/
Preparedness Toolkit: https://www.ready.gov/hurricane-toolkit